Where can I buy Eco-bricks™ Bamboo?

Eco-bricks Bamboo blocks are currently offered to Wholesalers. Interested in Wholesale opportunities? Give us a shout and we would love to know more about you.

Can I purchase Eco-bricks™ Bamboo NOW?

Yes. Eco-bricks™ Bamboo blocks are readily available for sale.

Are Eco-bricks™ Bamboo compatible with plastic Blocks?

Yes. Eco-bricks™ Bamboo blocks are completely compatible to scale with plastic block building systems. This means you can use along side of other brands.

What is so good about wood blocks?

Eco-bricks™ Bamboo blocks are biodegradable. This means that when discarded they will naturally go back in to the Earth without harming our environment.

What is So Great about Wood Blocks?

Eco-bricks Bamboo blocks are customizable. You can use your favorite media to personalize. You can make something unique that no one has.

Do you ship to hawaii?

Yes. We ship to Hawaii. The cost is a little bit more but you can be assured you will be able to use our toys while you relax on the big island.